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About school

Ballet school leading by V. Kuramshin established in 1994 (in October 2009 it celebrated its 15 anniversary). Vladislav Kuramshin - a graduate of the Leningrad Academic Choreography school (now – Vaganova ballet school), then the ballet dancer of the Kirov (Mariinsky) theater, soloist of the ballet theatre "Choreographic Miniatures", a “Ballet theater managed by Boris Eifman”, theatre “Musical Capella”, theater "The Little Ballet”, theatre of classical ballet " Fouettes "- is a leader of the school by all these years.

Our Ballet school is a unique institution, because children start his professional ballet education here from 5-6 years, and by 10-11 years our pupils achieve such success that they can perform the most difficult  elements of classical choreography, such as, for example, 32 fouettes, the golden standard of ballet technique  (not every adult ballerina can do it!). Our school is a private educational institution, an alternative to the St. Petersburg’s Vaganova school. At the beginning  the school was named in honor of the Russian choreographer Leonid Jakobson to pay tribute to the great master, as the name Jacobson has not been immortalized and could be forgotten. But now we have decided to name our school “Ballet school leading by V. Kuramshin” (we announce a contest for the best name for it!) and to keep the historical name "Choreographic  miniatures" as a  name of our Ballet theater (anew founded in 2005) , which has now own its beautiful new scenic area in the Cultural Centre “Niva-SV ", which is located at Saint-Petersburg, Korabelnaya st., house 6. We also decided to rename the school of ballet and.

Our ballet school has been on ballet tours with great success many times in Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Turkey, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Finland and Croatia. It repeatedly became the winner of various international ballet festivals and competitions.

The school founded the International Ballet Competition (in March 2006 passed IV contest). The winners, laureates and diploma winners of the contest in different years were the representatives of such countries as France, Germany, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Russia. Among students of our ballet school, the laureates and diploma winners of this competition were Tatiana Vasilieva, Daria Shelekhova, Marina and Elena Lusina, Tatiana Belyaeva, Maria Mayorova, Nikita Velikanov, Maria Andreeva, Xenia Zhiganshina, Nikita Vronskikh and Polina Mitryashina.

Many of our students have won various International Ballet Competition (France, Italy, Latvia, Russia). In 2008-2009, student of our school Xenia Zhiganshina, despite his young age - she was just 14 years old - twice won the third prize at the prestigious ballet competitions - Russian, in Krasnoyarsk, and the International in Moscow. For these responsible ballet contests Xenia has been prepared by teachers Tatiana Petrova and Vlavdislav Kuramshin. In November 2009, another student, Yulia Mikhaylova (11 years old) won the first prize at the Regional International ballet competition YAGP-2010, held in Italy. There was, also, concert miniature, "Midsummer Night's Dream", staged by Tatiana Petrova and Vladislav Kuramshin, that received third place of this contest. In the category of the solos were also Lada Sartakova, (7years old young dancer!), who came to the finals and was selected for performances in the gala concerts in North and South America. Yulia Mikhailova competed in the final YAGP-2010 (Young America Grand Prix) in New York and entered the top ten. In the spring of 2010 she won the Grand Prix at the International Ballet Competition in Latvia (Europe), "Rigas pavasaris 2010". And her teachers - T. Petrova and V. Kuramshin received honorary degrees for his contribution to the world of choreography.
The teachers of our ballet school are the dancers and teachers from the Bolshoi Ballet Company (Moscow), the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, the Mariinsky (Kirov) ballet theatre, Mikhaylovsky theatre and other theaters of St. Petersburg.
At the repertoire of our school - the following ballets, staged by T. Petrova and V. Kuramshin:

"Swan Lake" and "The Nutcracker" (music by P. Tchaikovsky),

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (music by Massenet, Dvorak, Saint-Saens and Offenbach),

"The Three Little Pigs" (music by Western composers),

"Snow Queen" and "Crasy dolls, or New tin soldier "(the original music by K. Vasiliev),

Song-ballet (musical)" Small Cafe "(ballet, created for the songs of the author and artist A. Kivin),

Grand pas from Minkus' “Paquita”,

Big and interesting concert programe.
School of Ballet has been included in the catalog of sightseeing of St. Petersburg for foreign tourists who regularly visit our school  and admire the skill of our children.



09.02.2017 - Summer Ballet Intensive 2017
09.02.2017 - Summer Ballet Intensive 2017
07.09.2016 - Индивидуальные занятия по интернету

Академия классического русского балета Владислава Курамшина информирует, что 6 сентября 2016 прошло первое индивидуальное занятие, проведенное по интернету в режиме он-лайн артистическим директором школы, педагогом Татьяной Петровой. С этого момента мы начинаем внедрять подобные видео-уроки с применением современных технологий и приглашаем всех желающих принять в них участие. Заявки присылайте на адрес электронной почты balletschool@mail.ru с указанием даты и времени возможного занятия для согласования с педагогами нашей школы. 

Vladislav Kuramshin's Academy of classical Russian ballet  informs that on September 6th 2016 was held the first private lesson conducted via the Internet online by artistic Director of the school, teacher Tatiana Petrova. From this moment we begin to implement such video lessons using modern technologies, and we invite everyone to take part in them. Please send your applications to email address balletschool@mail.ru 
with date and time of possible ballet lesson to be confirmed with the teachers of our school. 

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